Africa is a continent of entrepreneurs; people with great ideas and a passion for execution. The increase in foreign investment has paved the way for African brands to compete on an international scale and many companies find that although they can produce quickly, given the relative abundance of the required resources, they are unable to get their products to their consumers quickly enough. Logistics is a pertinent problem for the African market as transportation costs can take up to 50% of the retail price of a product. The conspicuous absence of tech driven solutions across board in the logistics sector accounts for the lack of visibility in the transportation of products, higher rate of incidences which amounts to liabilities and a payment structure that causes operational delays.
LogiTrak is a platform which provides effective solutions tailored for logistics in Africa. We match logistics demand with supply by leveraging on technology to connect, track in real time and ensure seamless payments, while providing top notch customer experience at every stage. Our services span across land, air and rail transportation.
We are bridging the gap by using technology as a tool of ease to connect clients who need to move products across Africa with vetted transporters. We provide complete transparency using custom made GPS trackers which clients can monitor in real time. Thus, clients know precisely when their goods will arrive and can effectively plan their deliveries. Our data analytics will determine and offer best-in-market prices to clients, such that we are ensuring financial value and efficiency in logistics for our clients. Our seamless payment structure guarantees a hassle free experience from start to finish. We consider ourselves successful when we are able to use our technology to consistently offer reliable and affordable logistics solutions in the most efficient manner.


Our Founder and CEO Mr Stephen Badejo shares the benefits of this partnership for our clients:


It is with great Joy and Gods Grace to still keep standing in this volatile sector of ours, as a matter of fact since the inception of our company we have had 100% delivery rate without theft, robbery, accidents or any indemnity with our insurance policy still intact year in and year out.

On the other hand we have been in partnership with S.T.I for few years now increasing our carriage yearly by 10%, but this years carriage is phenomenal as we increased our carriage by 50%, in a bid to serve our customers better in all catchment areas our policy works within.

S.T.I has been around since 1980 that is about 41 years ago and they have been reputable for what they do, hence the reasons for this strategic alliance.

With the increase in carriage limits we can now haul for Oil and Gas companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Agricultural Commodities, Telecoms companies and other sectors which fall in in our scope of policy with greater carriage capacity.

Our clients and customers need to have confidence in us hence the following are the 3 strategic reasons for the partnership.

  1. TRUST: As a reliable logistics company, we want all our clients across board to trust us with the delivery of their consignments across the country to and from wherever they request trips from.
  2. SECURITY: We want them to have it at the back of their minds and be rest assured that their goods are secured from point of pick up to the final point of delivery.
  3. PROFESSIONALISM: In dealing professionally with our clients and customers a goods in transit policy is a maximum requirement to meet for them to be satisfied at our level of service delivery.

Finally, all we want to do is to serve you better. if there is anyway you think we can do better please feel free to reach out to us on


Thanks for your patronage,

Thanks for trusting us.



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