Insurance for Truckers: LogiTrak Partners Octamile

LogiTrak partners with Octamile to automate claims and easy access to insurance products for truckers and haulage businesses in Nigeria.

Octamile’s digital insurance infrastructure will bring drivers and their families, logistics and mobility businesses in our ecosystem closer to the protection insurance provides.

LogiTrak is an e-logistics company and truck aggregator platform that “democratises access to affordable logistics services for B2B and B2C sectors across Africa, connecting them with trusted and vetted truckers, offering tracking solutions as a service, integrated asset insurance/HMO services for its vast truckers and drivers and cross-border settlements across Africa.”

The partnership unlocks digitised access to health insurance for over 800 truckers on our platform and motor insurance and claims automation for more than 200 active carriers.

Speaking at the partnership launch in Lagos, Nigeria, our Founder and CEO said, “Our partnership with Octamile is to aid our insurance as a service vision and help our aggregated and individual truckers and truck owners democratise access to affordable asset insurance products and claims.”

In Africa, most truck owners do not have valid insurance, or they do not renew due to poor customer experiences. With Octamile’s technology stack, LogiTrak can verify Insurance certificates, simplify purchases, automate seamless renewal processes, and digitise claims applications/payouts.

Our CEO continued, “from the relationship with drivers on our platform, most of them do not own their trucks but drive for truck owners. As such, we are helping drivers with affordable HMO for themselves and three family members so that at least while in transit, they can be assured that they and their family’s health are covered in case of any accidents.”

The service is live and available to drivers and trucking businesses on the LogiTrak ecosystem from October, 2022.

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Cheers to greater opportunities across Nigeria and Africa…

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